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A most elaborate early 19th century French ecclesiastical banner of crimson silk velvet of waisted form with scalloped and tasseled border finely worked in silver and gilt raised bullion work with two kneeling angels supporting a monstrance.
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$3 200.00

Fine and large 16th century Flemish Tapestry woven in wool and silks in mainly tones of blue and cream depicting a group of travellers presenting a noble youth to a throned King, his wife gesticulating by his side, his attendants behind, within wide and e
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$14 000.00

Finely woven 17th Century Brussels wool and silk tapestry panel depicting a Roman soldier and retaining unfaded and vibrant colour and detail.
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$1 950.00

Very fine early 19th century Spanish embroidered velvet altar frontal finely worked with silver and gilt threads.
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$2 250.00

Large and imposing early 19th century Armorial Hanging. The blue silk velvet ground worked with silver and gilt bullion cords and thread in an elaborate scrolling foliate design, the centre with a quartered coat of arms surmounted by a Counts Coronet.
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$3 400.00

An exceptional and large 17th century Aubusson mythological tapestry finely woven in wool and silk with very strong colours and contrast depicting Phaedra the daughter of King Midas denouncing Hippolytus (after he had resisted her advances) to Theseus her
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$21 500.00

A rare and exceptional 15th century Opus Anglicanum crimson velvet Cope finely embroidered in silk and gilt threads and retaining original orphreys.
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